Stump Removal

When a tree is cut down, especially if it’s large with a huge network of roots underground, it leaves a stump behind, stuck on your lawns and properties. Leaving an ugly scar on your lawns and presenting a different set of problems other than a high altitude of the eliminated tree

Stumps can add little hitches when mowing your lawns, due to complicating the landscape and blocking the necessary path to make the lawn mowing a breeze, talk of disturbing your child’s play around the lawn, stuck stumps on your property can make a little unpleasant.


Stumps can also act as a material of attraction to insects and other pests on your properties, common culprits are termite and ants, you wouldn’t want them to have a stay around you due to non-removal a stump on your property.


We consider the process of tree removal not truly complete without a stump removal process,


Stump Grinding: One of the most effective method to stump removal is stump grinding. This is the use of specialized grinding equipments to grind a stump down, reducing it to wood chip of manageable sizes reducing or eliminating any risk/damage it may pose to your property. This only leaves an indentation on the ground.


Chip Removal: After a stump is grinding, there are lot of chips on the scattered on the stump removing site, as a pro and reputable tree service in flower mound, we help disposed off this chips. The chips cal also be used for landscaping purposes.


Top Soil Delivery: Stump removal leaves an indentation on your property, we can help cover up the top soil; we are just a call away.


Replanting: After the indentation is filled up with a suitable top soil, it’s time to replant those lovely trees and enjoy the benefits that comes with them. We help you plant grass around the place the dead stump was initially, leaving you with a greenish and smooth landscape.


We are available to take care of all your tree problems, we provide homeowners with everything they may to put their landscape in new view. If you are not satisfied with those ugly stump laying around on your lawns, call us today for a quick stump removal.



Stump Removal In Action

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